Corynebacterium glutamicum in the fast lane: accelerated bioproduction with a popular amino acid producer

25 July 2016

The soil bacterium Corynebacterium glutamicum has already had a successful career in the biotechnology sector as a producer of amino acids. However, its industrial potential will now be expanded even further in a BMBF-funded research project being carried out by Insilico Biotechnology AG in cooperation with partners from academia. read more

Biosimilars: Together Alvotech and Insilico Biotechnology are Forging the Future

27 November 2015

Expiring patents of biopharmaceuticals are paving the market for biosimilars. The Icelandic based manufacturer Alvotech is currently cooperating with Insilico Biotechnology AG from Stuttgart, in order to market high-quality antibodies as biosimilars. read more

Insilico Banks on Growth and Innovation – Capital Increase Completed

10 July 2015

Insilico Biotechnology AG ensures innovation capacity and growth with an increase of capital and with moving into expanded office premises within Stuttgart Engineering Park. read more

Pharmacelsus and Insilico Biotechnology Join Forces to Deliver Combined Solutions in Preclinical Drug Development

10 February 2014

Pharmacelsus, Germany’s market-leading preclinical CRO and Insilico Biotechnology, leading provider of innovative solutions around the simulation of biological processes, combine their expertise in preclinical characterization of drug-candidates. read more

Improving the Welfare of Animals: Researchers Develop Computer-Aided Models to Replace Animal Testing

04 October 2013

Every year, October 4 is all about the protection of animals. On World Animal Day, animal welfare organisations around the globe advocate the respectful treatment and welfare of animals. One of the central demands of the animal activists is to abolish animal testing and to use alternative testing methods instead. In this context, the European Union has taken a huge step forward at the beginning of this year: On March 11 a full ban on the marketing of cosmetics and hygiene products tested on animals entered into force in the EU. read more