Insilico and Teva enter collaboration to apply predictive Digital Twins for biopharmaceutical production

29 January 2019

Insilico Biotechnology AG and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. announced an agreement to apply Insilico’s technology for predictive biomanufacturing to create and implement more efficient production processes of Teva’s biopharmaceutical therapeutics.

The ever increasing demand of high-quality biopharmaceutical therapies such as monoclonal antibodies requires more than ever highly efficient and robust production technologies. Simultaneously the digital transformation of the biopharmaceutical sector generates tremendous amounts of data from bioprocessing which represent an enormous value to be capitalized on.

Insilico’s solutions for predictive biomanufacturing are one of the key technologies to convert this value into higher quality therapies and to bring them faster to market. Insilico’s Digital Twins of biopharmaceutical production processes employ metabolic models of producer organisms in combination with flexible process models and artificial intelligence to create optimized production processes by computational simulations.

As a leading provider of high-quality medicines for nearly all therapeutic areas, Teva uses the most efficient and innovative technologies for best-in-class production of their therapeutic agents. “By complementing our process development capabilities with Insilico’s unique technology for digital bioprocess development we can accomplish robust and efficient production of our biologics pipeline faster”, says Jason Bock, VP of Biologics CMC at Teva. “Saving experimental efforts and time perfectly fits the accelerated timelines in clinical development that we are seeing now and even more in the future.”

Klaus Mauch, CEO of Insilico Biotechnology, adds: “We are proud to support Teva with our predictive solutions to speed-up the key steps in bioprocess development. The use of Insilico Digital Twins is able to transform the enormous wealth of process data generated every day into measurable improvements. We are absolutely convinced that this collaboration is a major step in predictive biomanufacturing and towards the future of biologics production.”

The collaboration will run for three years and will be based at Insilico's sites in Stuttgart, Germany and at Teva’s West Chester, PA, USA, location.

About the technology
Insilico's technology is built around genome-based mechanistic network models of common host organisms that are used to produce biologics. These models are refined and calibrated using real-life bioprocess measurements to become an individualized in-silico representation of the specific cells in connection with a bioprocess. Based on simulations using such models, the behaviour of cells can be simulated and understood for an almost unlimited number of scenarios.

About Insilico
Insilico Biotechnology is a market-leading company providing predictive solutions for the Bioeconomy. An interdisciplinary team of experts offers mechanistic models, customized software, and a high performance computing platform for the simulation of living cells. For world-leading pharma and biotech companies Insilico's technology lowers time, risk and costs of development processes. Founded in 2001, Insilico is a privately held company based in Stuttgart.

About Teva
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (NYSE and TASE: TEVA) is a global leader in generic medicines, with innovative treatments in select areas, including CNS, pain and respiratory. We deliver high-quality generic products and medicines in nearly every therapeutic area to address unmet patient needs. We have an established presence in generics, specialty, OTC and API, building on more than a century-old legacy, with a fully integrated R&D function, strong operational base and global infrastructure and scale. We strive to act in a socially and environmentally responsible way. Headquartered in Israel, with production and research facilities around the globe, we employ 45,000 professionals, committed to improving the lives of millions of patients. Learn more at


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