Insilico Software & Cell Models

Klaus Mauch

“Combining modern bio-analytical methods with high performance computing spurs innovation and accelerates growth.”
Klaus Mauch, CEO

Insilico offers you solutions to shorten and simplify your process development. For that purpose, Insilico continuously develops high-end software tools for the quantitative analysis and the prediction of complex intracellular processes.

The enterprise software Insilico Inspector™ and the desktop application Insilico Discovery™ as well the cellular network models Insilico Cells™ are available for licensing. In addition, you can book workshops held by Insilico's experts to train your employees in efficient use of the software tools.

Insilico Inspector™ Software for time-resolved diagnosis and quantitative comparison of the performance of bioprocesses

Insilico Inspector™ is an enterprise software for scientists, technicians and project managers who would like to analyse and compare biotechnological production processes quantitatively.

On the basis of extracellular metabolite data, the Insilico Inspector™ enables users to take a look inside CHO or E. coli cells and answer questions such as

  • Which of the tested strains meets my performance criteria best?
  • How do different process phases contribute to overall performance?
  • How much of the carbon introduced flows into the product?
  • How much carbon is lost to by-products and maintenance?

Through a quantitative analysis of intracellular pathways, the Insilico Inspector™ provides you with easily comprehensible criteria required for a fast and objective evaluation, selection and optimisation of different process setups, strains/cell lines or clones.

A customisation of the software to comply with your specific requirements as well as a seamless integration into your IT infrastructure (e.g. your data warehouse) is ensured by Insilico's experts.

With an automated in silico analysis and a fast return of results to process development, the Insilico Inspector™ makes a valuable contribution to reduce process development time.

If you wish to learn more about the Insilico Inspector™ or if you have any questions, please contact Dirk Rathfelder at +49-711-460594-19 without obligation. Please feel also free to inquire about a demo version.

Insilico Discovery™ Software for graphically oriented design, verification and simulation of cellular network models

Our software product Insilico Discovery™ is a core component of Insilico's technology platform and can be licensed for in-house use.

Insilico Discovery™ is a core component of Insilico's technology platform and can also be licensed for in-house use in your company.

The software features three different modules allowing for (i) model reconstruction, (ii) integration of experimental data and (iii) simulation of network models. Simulation methods include transient 13C flux analysis, Metabolic Flux analysis (MFA), Flux Balance Analysis (FBA), Minimisation of Metabolic Adjustment (MOMA) and simulation of kinetic differential-algebraic systems.

Insilico Discovery™ is the software tool of choice for you if you search for a solution for the following applications:

  • Reconstruction and visualisation of compartmented genome-based metabolic networks via an easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Detailed quantification and analysis of intracellular flux distributions
  • Identification of bottlenecks in cellular reaction pathways
  • Prediction of the effects of modifications in genes or media components on cells

If desired, you can also access external parallel computing resources with Insilico Discovery™. With this, the computing time needed to resolve complex issues can be reduced dramatically.

You benefit from Insilico Discovery™ by deepening your understanding of intracellular mechanisms and by saving experimental resources through testing different cellular scenarios at the computer instead of the lab bench.

If you wish to learn more about Insilico Discovery™ or if you have any questions, please contact Dirk Rathfelder at +49-711-460594-19 without obligation.

Insilico Cells™ Genome-based network models of your cells of interest

Insilico's expertise in systems biotechnology and pathway engineering has enabled the company to build up a comprehensive repository of mechanistic computer models of cells ("Insilico Cells™"). These Insilico Cells™ represent microbial and mammalian cells frequently used in industrial biotechnology and for pharmaceutical testing. They include metabolic and signal transduction models as well as models of drug metabolisation and detoxification. These genome-based models are available for licensing along with the Insilico Discovery™ software platform.

Please see a selection of already existing Insilico Cells™ here.

Furthermore, Insilico supports their customers by adjusting Insilico Cells™ to specific host strains and culture media. In case your organism of interest is not yet included in our repository of Insilico Cells™, please do not hesitate to book our service for the de novo reconstruction of network models.

By using Insilico products and services, the experimental effort for our customers is decreased, and time as well as costs for experiments and personnel are reduced.

Workshops Benefit from the knowhow of Insilico's experts

The Insilico Inspector™ is a process analysis software which can be used equally well by scientists, technicians and project managers working in the field of biotechnology. Specialised knowledge in modelling and simulation is not required. Still it might be a convenient jump start for your employees to learn the efficient use of the Insilico Inspector™ in an introductory workshop with Insilico's experts.

The Insilico Discovery™ software allows for the quantitative analysis and, in addition, the prediction of biochemical processes in different kinds of cells. Its application scope ranges from biotechnological production of small molecules as well as of complex molecules such as antibodies to the testing of pharmaceuticals. To comply with a range of your application scenarios as wide as possible, the software is equipped with a multitude of different functions relevant for modelling and simulation of stationary as well as dynamic systems. In order to be able to fully exploit the potential of Insilico Discovery™ in a routine manner, an introductory and training workshop with Insilico's experts is recommended.

For both the Insilico Inspector™ and Insilico Discovery™, workshops can be held on site or as an online webinar. In these workshops, Insilico's customers benefit from the hands-on experience and the latest knowhow of Insilico's scientists and engineers who work Insilico Inspector™ and Insilico Discovery™ every day.

Please contact Dirk Rathfelder at +49-711-460594-19 for a non-binding individual offer.