Insilico's main areas of expertise are the simulation of complex biochemical reaction systems in single eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells.

For a wide variety of applications and in the process of optimising these, it is essential to (i) understand, (ii) quantify and (iii) predict the behaviour of a cell in response to external stimuli, such as nutrient concentrations or drug administration, as well as in response to internal changes such as genetic modifications. Therefore Insilico Biotechnology provides customised solutions for the simulation of living cells in the following fields:

Insilico Cell Line Engineering and Process Optimisation

Insilico De Novo Reconstruction of Cellular Networks

Through these services, our customers benefit in terms of

Speed and Costs

  • Save on expensive experimental studies
  • Test your hypotheses quickly and effectively
  • Take early decisions
  • Reduce time to market

Quality and Know-how

  • Eliminate errors through reconciled experimental data
  • Broaden your understanding of cellular reaction pathways
  • Generate Intellectual Property