Insilico Banks on Growth and Innovation – Capital Increase Completed

10 July 2015

(Stuttgart) – Insilico Biotechnology AG ensures innovation capacity and growth with an increase of capital and with moving into expanded office premises within Stuttgart Engineering Park.

Already at the turn of the year 2014 Insilico had set the course for strengthening their software product development and for an internationalisation of their business activities. A key driver of this decision is the increasing demand of solutions enabling reliable predictions for the development of biotechnologically produced pharmaceuticals and vitamins as well as biofuels. The physiological behaviour of cells utilised in biotechnological production processes can be quantified and predicted by Insilico’s network models. As computer simulations are many times faster than real-world cell behavior, Insilicos customers benefit not only from time savings but also from the improved understanding of cellular mechanisms. In this way, the development of biotechnological products is being transformed from a risk-based to a modern knowledge-based approach.

In the future, the company plans to make available its predictive solutions increasingly within the framework of innovative software products. “In bioprocess development, we’re striving for solutions enabling our customers to predict cell growth and product quality under varying process conditions just with a click”, says Klaus Mauch, Insilico’s CEO. Tedious experimental process development cycles would in this way be replaced, and the solution would be available immediately.

Also in the field of administration of pharmaceuticals Insilico banks on innovation. In addition to the existing solutions for the simulation of virtual cells, organs and vasculature, especially personalised medicine and diagnostics open up novel perspectives. The possibility of integrating individualised data into Insilico’s network models renders it conceivable to identify efficient and safe therapies for individual patients.

Quantum leaps forward in technology and an internalisation of Insilico’s business activities, however, cannot be realised without an expansion of the workforce. At the company’s headquarters in Stuttgart it is planned to double the staff to about 40 employees within the next three years. Moreover, Insilico aims at launching a subsidiary in the US. In any case, the foundations for a further expansion have been laid in Stuttgart. Only recently the company tripled its office at Stuttgart Engineering Park and secured a capital increase. This new period of corporate development has been the subject of an inauguration ceremony together with partners and customers last Friday.


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