Company Profile

Insilico Biotechnology is a market-leader in providing solutions and software for the simulation of living cells. The company has two main areas of operation:

Biotechnological Process Optimisation

Insilico helps pharmaceutical and industrial biotechnology companies maximise their product yield and productivity by reconstructing and simulating the whole-cell network of producer organisms. Recommendations can then be provided for cell line engineering and process optimisation including the development of media and strategies for feeding, clone selection and upscale.

Software Engineering

Insilico's proprietary software products allow you to visualise compartmented genome-scale metabolic networks, offer easy access to state-of-the-art systems biology simulation methods on high performance clusters with up to 100,000 processors.

Insilico’s experts use the company’s proprietary software tools, databases and high performance computing facilities to analyse the latest cellular data – such as metabolite data, transcript data and proteome data – and integrate it in mechanistic, genome-based cell and organ models.

For many global-leading companies from chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, Insilico's technology already lowers the time, costs and risks involved in their development processes.

Successful in business since 2001, Insilico continues to consolidate its competitive advantage by providing new insights in its operating fields and generating novel IP for its customers.

Insilico is a privately owned company, based in Stuttgart, Germany.