Predictive Digital Twins control bioprocesses for the production of monoclonal antibodies

13 August 2019

Insilico Biotechnology AG and the Laboratory of Systems Theory and Automatic Control at the Institute for Automation Engineering (IFAT) of the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg started a joint project on model predictive control (MPC) for the production of monoclonal antibodies in mammalian cell culture processes using Insilico's Digital Twins. read more

Insilico launches comprehensive portfolio of predictive Digital Twins for cell culture process development

12 June 2019

Insilico Biotechnology AG offers a suite of Digital Twins that delivers high quality predictions for accelerating product time to market. read more

Insilico opens representative office in Singapore to expand business in Asia

15 April 2019

Insilico Biotechnology AG announces the opening of a representation in Singapore to develop its business in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region and to strengthen support for its growing customer base. read more

Insilico and Teva enter collaboration to apply predictive Digital Twins for biopharmaceutical production

21 February 2019

Insilico Biotechnology AG and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. announced an agreement to apply Insilico’s technology for predictive biomanufacturing to create and implement more efficient production processes of Teva’s biopharmaceutical therapeutics. read more

Insilico talk: Predictive Biomanufacturing at the ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum

11 October 2018

Insilico CEO Klaus Mauch will present a talk on Predicitve Biomanufacturing for the Factory of the Future as part of the ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum "Data Driven Innovation in Industrial Biotechnology", organized by DECHEMA on 15-16 October 2018 | Frankfurt, Germany read more