Insilico Biotechnology granted patent for biotechnological process that turns climate-damaging carbon dioxide into valuable products

22 December 2016

Insilico Biotechnology, a company that specialises in the development and optimisation of biotechnological production processes, has been granted a patent for a new method that enables carbon fixation from carbon dioxide. The method involves specifically developed microorganisms that not only render carbon dioxide from industrial exhaust gases harmless, but can also be used to sustainably produce a wide range of carbon-based products. read more

Process optimization made easy: Insilico Biotechnology introduces a new software solution to improve growth media used for biopharmaceutical production

26 October 2016

With its new Insilico Designer software, Insilico Biotechnology introduces an application that can be used to test millions of different media compositions in silico with a few clicks of the mouse. The software determines the optimal medium formulation for different cells and application areas in biopharmaceutical production. read more

Insilico Biotechnology expands its patent portfolio with a biotechnological method for acrylic acid production

27 September 2016

Insilico Biotechnology, a leading provider of predictive solutions for knowledge-based biotechnology, has been granted a patent for a new method for the biotechnological production of acrylic acid. The method enables this key raw material to be produced cost-effectively and sustainably. The compound is used for producing superabsorbents such as nappies from renewable materials. read more

Corynebacterium glutamicum in the fast lane: accelerated bioproduction with a popular amino acid producer

25 July 2016

The soil bacterium Corynebacterium glutamicum has already had a successful career in the biotechnology sector as a producer of amino acids. However, its industrial potential will now be expanded even further in a BMBF-funded research project being carried out by Insilico Biotechnology AG in cooperation with partners from academia. read more

Biosimilars: Together Alvotech and Insilico Biotechnology are Forging the Future

27 November 2015

Expiring patents of biopharmaceuticals are paving the market for biosimilars. The Icelandic based manufacturer Alvotech is currently cooperating with Insilico Biotechnology AG from Stuttgart, in order to market high-quality antibodies as biosimilars. read more