Insilico and Metabolomic Discoveries Launch Media Optimisation Kit and Cell Line Engineering Kit

18 June 2012

Metabolomic Discoveries and Insilico Biotechnology have launched two innovative products, jointly developed to optimise bioproduction processes: the Media Optimisation Kit and Cell Line Engineering Kit. The new kits will help industrial biotechnology companies to optimise the performance of their production strains. read more

Insilico on the Fast Track: Supercomputer Breaks into New High-Performance Dimensions

04 April 2012

Starting today, Insilico Biotechnology will use Europe’s very fastest civil computer – going by the name of “Hermit“ – for its modelling and simulating processes. Hermit will cut computing time radically allowing metabolic predictions over several orders of magnitude. In the near future, predictions on the toxic effects of drugs across scales from cellular to organ level will be feasible. read more

Insilico and Partners Exploit Methanol as Raw Material for Industrial Bioproduction

29 February 2012

Insilico Biotechnology is currently testing the use of methanol as a raw material for microbial bioproduction together with eight other project partners. Insilico’s complex simulation models will help to form a solid base for building up a cost-effective eco-friendly cell factory, the long-term goal of the joint research. read more

New Modelling Platform for Industrial Bioproduction

26 January 2012

Insilico Biotechnology is one of the partners in a transnational EU project out to find a common, easy-to-use computer-based platform for modelling metabolic processes in organisms which are of interest for biotechnological applications. The main advantage of this approach is that it will considerably shorten the time from concept to marketable European biotechnology product. read more

Metabolomics – A New Approach in Biotechnology

12 December 2011

New Service Platform for Sustainable and Competitive Biotechnological Processes

Insilico Biotechnology and Metabolomic Discoveries have agreed to pool their expertise to provide industrial biotech customers with a more comprehensive package of high quality services. The main focus of the cooperation lies in the field of applied systems biotechnology dealing with the metabolism of bacteria, fungi and mammalian cells. The combination of modern analytical methods with high-performance computing will give customers detailed insights into metabolism of cells. This will help shorten development times and form the basis for improving yields in biotechnological production processes. read more