»Lean Production« in the world of bacteria

30 August 2011

Insilico Biotechnology will use its models and simulations to improve bioproduction via bacteria by throwing unnecessary ballast overboard. Bacteria for industrial purposes can do without the survival and adaptation strategies needed in natural environments so these metabolic pathways and products are to be eliminated for production processes. The pioneer research project is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and Insilico Biotechnology is one of the partners. read more

Insilico’s alternatives to animal testing

29 July 2011

Insilico Biotechnology is partner in several EU research projects aimed at developing testing methods for cosmetic substances without using animals. Computer-based models and simulations will be implemented to support and advance the development of cell and tissue cultures which produce reliable results even for long-term applications. read more

How to save energy in a cell factory

30 June 2011

Insilico Biotechnology is taking active part in a joint research project out to quantify the energy budget of bacteria comprehensively for the first time with a view to optimising them for industrial bioproduction. The researchers’ aim is to use the cells’ own energy reserves to produce ground substances with minimum energy loss. To achieve this, the scientists are working with methods from systems biotechnology and bioinformatics. In the long run, this will help industrial biotechnology become much more competitive so that it can be applied for a considerably wider range of uses. read more

Insilico moves to new premises

12 January 2011

Insilico Biotechnology is well on the way up. The company moved to the STEP Engineering Park in Stuttgart at the turn of the year to have more space and expand their facilities to meet customers’ increasing requirements. Insilico can now be found on the fifth floor of Building 8.2 where its highly qualified staff has 210 square metres at their disposal under optimal conditions. The new address is Meitnerstrasse 8 in 70563 Stuttgart. read more

Insilico supplies bio-bricks for virtual liver

28 May 2010

The human liver is a highly efficient and extremely complex organ. After all, thousands of different substances are channelled through this vital organ every day for processing. Systematic research is being carried out to determine just exactly what happens there, and Insilico Biotechnology is providing models and analyses particularly for degradation pathways. read more