Antibiotics & Co: Insilico and partners to improve biotech production

26 April 2010

A veritable network specialist has become active in yet another network: the GenBioCom joint project financed by BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) is profiting from Insilico Biotechnology‘s know-how on bacterial metabolism and genome-based metabolic simulations. The ultimate goal is to improve and expand the commercial use of Actinomyces bacteria as producers of bioproducts and active agents. read more

Insilico: co-designer of innovative cell factory for fine chemicals

09 March 2010

A new BMBF joint project to transfer systems biology research directly into practical applications is profiting from Insilico Biotechnology’s expertise. The goal is to make Pseudomonas bacterial strains fit for commercial use in the field of industrial biocatalysis. The project will run for three years, coordinated by BASF and financed with approx. EUR 5.5 million. Insilico Biotechnology is the second partner from industry, while all others are university research institutes, mostly from the region around Stuttgart. read more

Insilico banks on high-performance computing

03 February 2010

Insilico Biotechnology is cooperating with HLRS, the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart, in order to take computations for the fields of industrial and pharmaceutical biotechnology to new superior levels. The joint project, which is being funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, aims at developing methods for using thousands of computational cores simultaneously so that innovative predictions can be made much faster than today. read more

Harmless or lethal? Insilico Furthers Research on Fungal Infections

30 November 2009

Candida albicans is a harmless yeast fungus – at least most of the time. However, if the immune system is weak, then the fungus normally found on everyone’s skin and mucous membranes can become a lethal threat. Insilico Biotechnology is participating in a joint project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), in which interactions between fungus and human host cells are to be studied on the molecular level with the aim of developing new strategies for the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of fungal infections. infections. read more

Insilico joins industry collaboration on microbial genome research

30 December 2008

Insilico Biotechnology AG enters a consortium of leading companies in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals and nutrition industries pooling forces on microbial genome research. Industry and BMBF will provide around 600 million Euros for white biotechnology over the next decade. read more