Insilico joins industry collaboration on microbial genome research

30 December 2008

Insilico Biotechnology AG enters a consortium of leading companies in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals and nutrition industries pooling forces on microbial genome research. Industry and BMBF will provide around 600 million Euros for white biotechnology over the next decade. read more

Insilico is building in silico cells for Evonik Industries

28 November 2008

Insilico Biotechnology AG announces a multi-year collaboration with Evonik Industries, a global leader in systems-oriented development of industrial fermentations. The Stuttgart-based company provides its platform and expertise for building and simulating in silico bacterial strains. read more

Insilico expands collaboration with Kluyver Centre for Genomics of Industrial Fermentation

22 January 2008

Insilico Biotechnology AG announces a continued collaboration with the Netherlands’ Kluyver Centre, a joint industry and academic consortium that applies genomics technology for improving industrial fermentation. The Stuttgart based company provides its new steady state and dynamic modeling and simulation platform for the set-up and analysis of predictive metabolic network models. read more

Threefold Promotion: Insilico and BioIndustry 2021

17 October 2007

Insilico Biotechnology AG is partner in three out of five clusters belonging to the new research initiative entitled »BioIndustry 2021« which aims at meeting the oncoming challenges facing today’s society — first and foremost changes in climate followed by the ever increasing lack of resources — with innovative projects from the field of white biotechnology.

Insilico’s focus is on networking. Together with other partners from industry and research institutions, Insilico is playing an active role in BioIndustry 2021. The German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is supporting this initiative with 60 million € in order to turn research ideas from the field of white biotechnology into products for marketing as soon as possible. The Ministry’s major goal here is to make Germany one of the most attractive sites in the world for biosciences. read more

Insilico is designing Formula One-type bacteria

21 August 2007

Insilico Biotechnology AG in multi-year collaboration with Wacker Chemie AG to design high-performance bacterial strains

Insilico Biotechnology AG is set to become one of the partners in the GenoMik-Plus network. The Stuttgart-based company will provide the partners of the research consortium with network models and simulations of the bacterial metabolism. The objective is to develop high-performance bacterial strains that produce large amounts of useful substances.

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