Insilico is designing Formula One-type bacteria

21 August 2007

Insilico Biotechnology AG in multi-year collaboration with Wacker Chemie AG to design high-performance bacterial strains

Insilico Biotechnology AG is set to become one of the partners in the GenoMik-Plus network. The Stuttgart-based company will provide the partners of the research consortium with network models and simulations of the bacterial metabolism. The objective is to develop high-performance bacterial strains that produce large amounts of useful substances.

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Virtual Liver Cells Optimize Drug Development

19 July 2007

Insilico Biotechnology AG from Stuttgart with new funding for systems biology research from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Since 2005, Insilico Biotechnology AG as an industrial partner in the federal HepatoSys competence network has been performing computer-based mapping and testing of liver cell metabolism. As a service provider in the systems biology sector, Insilico is responsible in particular for determining kinetic parameters using supercomputers. The aim is to model a »virtual liver cell« to enable physiological cell processes — such as the breakdown of drugs and toxic substances — to be followed »in silico«, i.e. on the computer. For the second project phase, this Stuttgart-based life science company is receiving Euro 250,000 of funding in the next three years. read more

Full Speed ahead for Biotech Process Development

09 October 2006

Stuttgart-based Insilico Biotechnology AG launches initial bioscience simulations on Europe’s fastest vector processor

Since the start of October 2006, Insilico Biotechnology AG has been using Europe’s fastest vector computer for highly complex biotech process simulations. The high-performance computer centre at the University of Stuttgart (HLRS) enables this life science company to perform computing operations in a fraction of the time previously needed. The results are eagerly awaited. read more

Genedata and Insilico in Systems Biology Collaboration

18 July 2006

Genedata and Insilico Biotechnology will work together using systems biology to support life science companies enhance their biotechnological production methods. The collaboration will combine Genedata’s computational systems for genomics data management and analysis with Insilico’s pathway simulation tools. read more