Biosimilars: Together Alvotech and Insilico Biotechnology are Forging the Future

27 November 2015

(Stuttgart) – Expiring patents of biopharmaceuticals are paving the market for biosimilars. The Icelandic based manufacturer Alvotech is currently cooperating with Insilico Biotechnology AG from Stuttgart, in order to market high-quality antibodies as biosimilars.

Biosimilars are the generic version of biopharmaceuticals. More and more patents for the manufacture of innovative pharmaceuticals produced in living cells are set to expire. Therefore a significant market growth for biosimilars is expected, as they are far cheaper than the patented original drug.

Dynamic and innovative biotech companies such as Alvotech are prepared to take advantage of this opportunity for their products. Alvotech is a leading international manufacturer of biosimilars with headquarters in Iceland. The company was founded in 2013 as a sister company of the leading global generics manufacturer Alvogen.

Numerous factors influence product quality in the biological production of complex molecules such as antibodies. Under the newly launched cooperation Insilico Biotechnology provides Alvotech its simulation platform, its know-how, and its services in order to assure the best possible product quality and an optimal production process.

By joining forces, the companies intend to accelerate process development towards the product. “Our simulation platform allows testing of diverse biosimilars production scenarios on the computer. That enables our partners to significantly shorten the development path and to release their high quality products to the market a lot faster," says Insilico CEO Klaus Mauch.

Insilico has a unique simulation platform for the production of biosimilars using mammalian cells. Based on the respective metabolic data as well as data on cell culture and process control, Insilico can exactly simulate the production process and test possible actions in order to improve the process and finally the product quality. Quality-relevant modifications performed by the cells at the end of antibody production can be optimized using the Insilico simulations. Essential in this process is the fine tuning of the culture and production conditions – Insilico adapts its models exactly to the cell lines of the client. Critical points are identified and highlighted for the client. Finally, specific solutions are proposed in order to pave the way towards a successful market entry.


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