Insilico and Metabolomic Discoveries Launch Media Optimisation Kit and Cell Line Engineering Kit

18 June 2012

(Potsdam/Stuttgart) – Metabolomic Discoveries and Insilico Biotechnology have launched two innovative products, jointly developed to optimise bioproduction processes: the Media Optimisation Kit and Cell Line Engineering Kit. The new kits will help industrial biotechnology companies to optimise the performance of their production strains.

These are the first fruits to be reaped from approx. six months of intensive cooperation between Metabolomic Discoveries GmbH based in Potsdam and Insilico Biotechnology AG based in Stuttgart. The two companies pooled their expertise and developed two new analysis kits which will help industrial biotechnology companies to optimise their cell cultures. Both kits can be used to analyse, predict and trim cellular processes for higher productivity and substrate efficiency.

The Media Optimisation Kit was developed to optimise the composition of nutrient solutions for mammalian cell lines such as CHO (Chinese Hamster Ovary) cells. In the field of biotechnology, these cells are often used for the production of recombinant proteins, e.g. for therapeutics. The Cell Line Engineering Kit is ideal for optimising microbial cultures (e.g. with E. coli), which are being used more and more frequently to produce bioproducts such as enzymes and fine chemicals. It was only possible to develop the kits by combining Metabolomic Discoveries platform for quantitative metabolite analysis systematically with Insilico’s platform for simulating the metabolism and energy balance of cells. The result is a fast and reliable way of optimising economically relevant bioprocesses – not only in the development phase but also during production processes.

“Our jointly developed platform of predictive network models and absolute measurements of central metabolic compounds significantly reduces experimental complexity for improving the efficiency of biotechnological production processes, giving our customers a sharp competitive advantage”, explains Klaus Mauch, Insilico’s CEO. Nicolas Schauer, CEO of Metabolomic Discoveries GmbH, adds: “We are delighted to offer our clients an integrated and reliable one-stop solution for optimising metabolic processes in fermentations.”


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