Insilico and GSK establish a collaboration to promote biomanufacturing of the future

01 March 2017

Insilico Biotechnology AG and GSK announce a strategic collaboration that will combine Insilico's leading technology for bioprocess simulation with GSK Vaccine's outstanding expertise and innovation in bioprocess development.

Insilico Biotechnology and GSK have agreed to combine their expertise in early-stage research into industrial processes associated with the development and manufacture of candidate vaccines, in order to further develop a rational, knowledge based approach to this process. Both companies share a commitment to innovative science, breakthrough technology and working in partnership.

Using Insilico's technology platform, predictive simulations of cell responses are analyzed. As a result an almost unlimited number of scenarios will be generated and utilized to significantly reduce the number of experiments necessary during bioprocess development. This has the potential to significantly reduce the time taken to research Vaccine manufacturing processes and could therefore speed up the time-to-market for candidate Vaccines in GSK's research portfolio.

Philippe Dehottay, Head of Microbial Drug Substance, Global Vaccines Technical R&D, GSK said: “Reducing the time taken to bring new Vaccines into development is hugely beneficial, and through this partnership with Insilico we're able to take a rational, knowledge-based approach to developing biological processes which support our innovative research and development pipeline.”

“In addition to the expected cost savings, reduced risk, and compressed time lines, the amount of know-how and process understanding that our technology creates will be of enormous value”, says Klaus Mauch, Insilico's CEO. “Moreover, the model-based performance analysis of bioprocesses will lead to fast corrective action where necessary and as a result increase the robustness and consistency of production processes.”

The collaboration announced today will run for two years and be based at Insilico's sites in Stuttgart, Germany and at GSK's Rixensart, Belgium location.

About the technology
Insilico's technology is built around Insilico Cells™, which are genome-based mechanistic network models of common host organisms that are used to produce biologics. These models are refined and calibrated using real-life bioprocess measurements to become an individualized representation of the specific cells in silico. Based on simulations using such models, the behavior of cells in a bioprocess can be simulated and understood for an almost unlimited number of scenarios. Since those simulations can require significant computing power, Insilico uses supercomputing or cloud resources to complete them.


Dr. Daniel Horbelt | Business Development
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