Insilico is building in silico cells for Evonik Industries

28 November 2008

(Stuttgart, Düsseldorf) – Insilico Biotechnology AG announces a multi-year collaboration with Evonik Industries, a global leader in systems-oriented development of industrial fermentations. The Stuttgart-based company provides its platform and expertise for building and simulating in silico bacterial strains.

Evonik is using Insilico’s technology platform for reconstructing and simulating genome-based metabolic networks. Newly developed in silico cells are based on the comprehensive network library and on the modeling and simulation platform »Insilico Discovery« of the Stuttgart-based company. Evonik will apply in silico cells to target-oriented improvement of microbial strains, which, in turn, are experimentally analysed by Evonik ’s innovative genomic, transcriptomic, and metabolic platform. The new approach enables experts at Evonik not only to perform network-centric integration and simulation of experimental data, but also to represent their extensive know-how on the underlying biological networks. It is anticipated that the knowledge-based system will significantly shorten development cycles.

»We expect that “omics” technologies combined with advanced computational solutions found a strong basis for the genomic design of highly efficient microorganisms. Insilico's technology platform complements our ambitious requirements for network reconstruction and high performance simulations,« says Dr. Ralf Kelle, Vice President Research and Development Bioproducts at Evonik’s Health and Nutrition business unit.. Klaus Mauch, CEO of Insilico Biotechnology, adds »We are proud to further expand our existing successful collaboration with Evonik Degussa, a global leader in industrial biotechnology, strengthening the integrated application of “omics” technologies with predictive simulations. Rapid progress in genomics and information technology now enables the implementation of new in silico solutions for complex cellular systems. Our unique technology and experience is especially well-suited to support the systems-oriented approach of Evonik.«

Insilico Biotechnology designs and optimises biotechnological processes for the chemical, food, agro, and healthcare industries. Successful in business since 2001, Insilico provides internationally renowned expertise and a unique technology platform. Insilico’s competitive advantage is its proven track record of producing innovative solutions and IP for customers using in silico cells and computing facilities. By building better and highly integrated models of complex cellular processes, Insilico sets new standards as a leading provider to the Life Sciences industries. Insilico is a privately-owned company, located in Stuttgart, Germany.


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