Future proofing with new software architecture: Insilico Biotechnology presents integrated software platform

05 April 2017

Insilico Biotechnology has combined its existing and future software applications for the development, analysis and control of biotechnological production processes into a single software platform, thus ensuring optimal integration into networked enterprise environments.

Biopharmaceutical companies are currently undergoing profound transformation towards digitalized and networked processes like those that have long been established in sectors such as the automotive industry. Driven by increasingly efficient process analytics and expanding digital infrastructures both within companies and between company sites across the world, huge value-creation potential in the form of available data is opening up and needs to be exploited.

While for a long time isolated solutions were sufficient for using local data for specific purposes, it is now more necessary than ever to process decentralized data from various sources to improve and control production processes. The Insilico Software Platform provides the answer. The platform serves as a central interface and connection between Insilico's software solutions and databases where process data and analysis results are stored.

"Our clients want us to be able to respond flexibly to their individual situations and provide an optimal solution for their specific needs, both with regard to the standardized analysis of available data and regarding the installation of the software in the cloud or on the company's servers," says Insilico CEO Klaus Mauch. One major advantage of the platform is the consistent use of a genome-based network model as the central element for quantitative analysis and improvement. In addition, new user groups and future software modules can be added at any time.

Insilico Inspector™, Insilico Designer™ and Insilico Discovery™ are three modules already available from Insilico Biotechnology that can be combined to support different workflows. Other modules are to follow in the future. Insilico Inspector™ integrates data from biotechnological production processes and performs a model-based analysis that not only describes those processes on the basis of in- and output, but actually allows the metabolism of the host organism to be quantified in detail. It is this ground-breaking functionality of Insilico Inspector™ that will enable a future software module to proactively and automatically control the production process based on metabolic analysis. Insilico Designer™ simulates biotechnological production processes in order to identify improved process conditions, in this case optimized cell culture media, without requiring time-consuming laboratory experiments. Insilico Discovery™ is a comprehensive tool that is used to reconstruct metabolic network models in order to make them available to other modules on the platform.

Over the next few months, Insilico Biotechnology will introduce new modules aimed at turning into reality the vision of a comprehensive, model-based technology platform that complements existing structures and supports all aspects of bioprocess development up to automated process control.

About the technology

Insilico's technology is based on Insilico Cells™, genome-based mechanistic network models of biotechnological production organisms. These models are calibrated with process data in order to create individualized in-silico models of specific cells. Such models can be used to quantify and predict the behavior of biological cells in detail. Insilico uses powerful cloud computing solutions that can run simulations for millions of scenarios if required.


Dr. Daniel Horbelt | Business Development
daniel.horbelt [at] insilico-biotechnology.com