Process optimization made easy: Insilico Biotechnology introduces a new software solution to improve growth media used for biopharmaceutical production

26 October 2016

With its new Insilico Designer software, Insilico Biotechnology introduces an application that can be used to test millions of different media compositions in silico with a few clicks of the mouse. The software determines the optimal medium formulation for different cells and application areas in biopharmaceutical production.

The market for biopharmaceutical drugs, or biologics, is growing rapidly. In addition to the ever-increasing number of novel biologics such as antibodies, therapeutic proteins, and nucleic acids, a growing number of biosimilars are being placed on the market. The manufacturing process for biopharmaceuticals is much more complex and expensive than for traditional pharmaceuticals, as it uses living cells to produce the required substances. More and more manufacturers are therefore focusing on technologies that make the manufacturing process more reliable and, above all, more efficient.

In close cooperation with its customers, Insilico Biotechnology has been working on the development of these processes for many years. The company integrates bioprocess data into customized mechanistic network models that can then be used to simulate the behavior of the respective cell line under many different process conditions. This leads to significant time- and cost-savings, as the simulation of a production process takes just a few seconds, whereas an actual production run takes up to two weeks. The simulation of process conditions provides mechanistic insights into cell behavior and enables predictions to be made on the ideal combination of growth medium ingredients to improve product yield and quality.

Insilico Designer enables customers to carry out the simulation of new media compositions independently and routinely. "Customers often used to ask for a software package that could be used to quickly and reliably adjust the growth medium for a new production process without needing expert knowledge in metabolic modelling," says Klaus Mauch, CEO of Insilico Biotechnology AG. "Of course, we also help our customers use and adapt the Insilico Designer for more challenging issues and new objectives."

Insilico Designer, which followed on from Insilico Inspector, marks an expansion and adds another key component to Insilico Biotechnology's software platform. "We are delighted with the positive customer response to both Insilico Inspector and Insilico Designer. Two other software solutions that make our high-end simulation technology particularly well suited to industrial applications are already at an advanced stage of development," says Mauch. Customers will be curious to see what comes next.


Dr. Daniel Horbelt | Business Development
daniel.horbelt [at]