Threefold Promotion: Insilico and BioIndustry 2021

17 October 2007

(Stuttgart) — Insilico Biotechnology AG is partner in three out of five clusters belonging to the new research initiative entitled »BioIndustry 2021« which aims at meeting the oncoming challenges facing today’s society — first and foremost changes in climate followed by the ever increasing lack of resources — with innovative projects from the field of white biotechnology.

Insilico’s focus is on networking. Together with other partners from industry and research institutions, Insilico is playing an active role in BioIndustry 2021. The German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is supporting this initiative with 60 million € in order to turn research ideas from the field of white biotechnology into products for marketing as soon as possible. The Ministry’s major goal here is to make Germany one of the most attractive sites in the world for biosciences.

»On the whole, the main idea is not to improve on existing technologies but to provide the field of white biotechnology with new products and processes for sustainability and innovation,« explains Insilico’s CEO, Klaus Mauch. These goals hit the bull’s eye as far as Insilico is concerned. The company specialises in the creation of predictive computer models for designing new pathways which will benefit the following clusters:

»Integrated BioIndustry«

An international centre of excellence in industrial biotechnology is to be set up. To this end, projects on enzyme catalysis, the production of microbial substances and purification in bioreactors will be promoted.

Insilico Biotechnology will optimize the methods involved with its tools for simulating metabolic processes.

»CLIB2021 — Cluster for Industrial Biotechnology«

Here, the aim is to use biotechnology to substitute petrochemicals with renewable raw materials for producing monomers and polymers in the chemical industry.

Insilico’s models save time and costs when it comes to identifying suitable organisms for production and/or metabolic pathways.


The biotech branch, the chemical industry and the production of synthetic materials are to be linked to create biomaterials for automobile producers and the packaging and building industries.

This cluster will benefit from Insilico's vast experience in the computer-based modelling of biological structures which can be transferred to modern polymer and synthetic material chemistry.

Active Networking

At present, the project partners are working on the details of their concepts. »One important characteristic of all three clusters is their clear focus on exchange and collaboration. This is very much in accord with our company’s convictions and corporate philosophy,« comments Mauch, whose organization committed itself to networking from the very beginning, another reason why Insilico fits in so well with this national initiative.

Basic innovative methods such as those developed by Insilico are to be put to work in as many projects as possible. »Our aim is to be useful at the very beginning of the value chain and to provide the basis for an optimal number of branches and products. We will put all our energy into developing new and sustainable processes for new products,« concludes Mauch in a short summary of Insilico’s innovative goals.

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